A Letter to You, Your Family and Friends….

Sometimes something new and exciting comes along that makes life a little easier. We know that online shopping can be difficult. It can be a royal pain… especially when we need to take advantage of as many coupons, sales, and specials as possible. Money management is not easy these days, and every little bit of help is so appreciated. We feel the same way!

That is why we thought “out of the box” to make your shopping experience easier, faster, less aggravating. Take Weekly Ads and Circulars for example…

Do you remember every Wednesday, going to the mailbox to retrieve the weekly specials around town, and when Sunday Newspapers were popular? So many discount coupons and weekly sales items to consider.

Well, the Sunday paper has almost gone and Weekly Ads in the mail can be a problem too – so, we found as many of those Ads and Circulars as possible and now you can instantly access 586 of them any time of the day or night – and they are so ready for you to “speed scroll” alphabetically – all on the first page.

Could you imagine having to find all 586 when there is only ten to a page? We think that is unfair to you, the shopping community. After all, if no-one shops online, then businesses make no profits. You are that important.

Here are some thoughts…

  1. If you have any suggestions of how we can do things better, contact us and help us to understand what your thoughts are. After all, we are a community!
  2. Get your App from the Google Play or Apple Store. Absolutely free.
  3. “Show and Tell” our website to your friends. Post on social media as you help us spread the good word. You may be the key to many who are looking for our kind of shopping website.
  4. If you, or folks you know have a product or service that would be a benefit – please contact us and give us details. We will look at the website, and if it’s family-friendly – then we will list it on this website free… absolutely without cost, period!
  5. The Shopping Online Shopping platform has the single goal of making your online shopping experience better. We are open to suggestions of possible improvements. Because we are community minded, we promise to consider any and all ideas, and implement as many of them as feasible.

How can you help us?

You will note that we have 849 listings on page one for “clothing.” It will be so easy for you to “duck in-and-out” of stores as you ponder your choices. You will note that many links are underlined. That indicates that we have a relationship with someone. It means that if you click and buy from that store, then we may get a small commission on your purchases. This is part of the store pricing, so there is no cost to you whatsoever. All businesses use advertising to attract folk to their store. Affiliates, like us, give you an opportunity to connect. That’s all!

The world has noticed that Amazon has become a leader in online shopping. Many major stores and “brands” that used to have their own “brick and mortar” stores only, now realize the power and attraction of Amazon, especially the fast delivery and no cost shipping – so these major “brands” now offer their products on the Amazon platform. The other great advantage to you is Amazon’s refund policy, which always favors you, the shopper. It’s called “Customer service” excellence!

You will find the Contact Us button below.

If you have any questions at all, or you have suggestions stores we are not listing in one of our categories – please do us a favor – let us know!


Kenneth Edlin

Links underlined indicates that we have an affiliate relationship with that merchant or product.

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